Megaluno Studio

celebrating creativity in every day

It’s quite something to spend your time in creativity. I mean, by quite something, that we are a truer representation of our character when we are communicating creatively. This expression isn’t always for other people to see, like a painting, and for most of us, it is rarely for others to see or recognize. In every tiny way that we express ourselves creatively - a finely crafted sentence, beautifully plated meal, neatly planted row in the garden, a song hummed to ourselves, and freshly scrubbed floor - we are more fully experiencing the beauty in our selves, placed there by a creative Creator

Megaluno \meg-al-OO-no'\ means to make great, to celebrate!

Hey there! Thanks so much for visiting me here! I'm Judith. I help creative women learn to sew and gain confidence in their abilities as makers, while celebrating the creative process and growing community.

I'm hilariously nerdy when it comes to sewing techniques, and I love (LOVE) pattern drafting. Stick around for a while and you'll see what I mean. My love language is books, and I'm old school when it comes to learning (always start at the library).

Megaluno \meg-al-OO-no'\ means to make great, to celebrate, and it's my mission to encourage you and give you tools, resources, and great sewing patterns that will help you grow in skills and confidence on your creative adventure. I apply the Megaluno mission to other areas of my life, too! I'm a mama to two girls, just starting on our homeschool journey, and celebrating creativity in everyday living is big in our normal school days, too! We use a LOT of tape, glue, and construction paper, and try to remember to be okay with getting messy and making mistakes.  

My husband, daughters and I live in Canada. We've moved around for the past few years, and will hopefully be settling down in BC sometime soon! It's a blessing to be able to take our creative pursuits with us on our crazy moves.